[b-greek] Luke 5:4

From: Kenneth Litwak (javajedi2@yahoo.com)
Date: Thu Jun 14 2001 - 00:59:20 EDT

At the start of Luke 5:4 we read

   My question is this. Should we read this as"
As he was speaking, he stopped
ro as
As he stopped speaking?
Is there any grammatical rule that would dictate which
it should be? Also, if the latter translation is
corect, what kind of construction is the verb +
participle, with no other modifiers or anything else
separating them or connecting them? For Carl's
benefit, I'm not contending this is bad Greek. It
seems that long ago I posted something about a
construction that seemed bizarre to me and forever
after, it seems I'm doomed to be perceived as being
suspicous of the grammar. I'm actually come to hold
the exact opposite position, and am guessing that just
as modern U.S. culture does completely bogus
grammatical constructions like "it's this way, not,"
Greek writers probably felt liberty to do whatever
they wished to do as well. I simply want some rule of
thumb to understand the construction. Thanks.


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