[b-greek] 1 John 3:6a

From: Mark Wilson (emory2oo2@hotmail.com)
Date: Wed Jun 20 2001 - 16:06:36 EDT


1 John 3:6a


"Everyone abiding in him does not sin..."

How do we know what OUC is negating?

It is generally understood as above (negating sin).
Could OUC negate MENWN, hence:

"Everyone NOT abiding in him sins."
(Everyone abiding in him not, sins)

Then, the last part of this verse would continue
to show the consequences of sinning:

"[and] everyone who sins has neither seen him nor known him."

Not sure this makes a big difference, and perhaps all that could be
concluded is that the writer is showing the consequences of sinning,
not the absence of sinning (at least in this verse).

Thank you,

Mark Wilson

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