[b-greek] Re: Rev 4.11 (breaking of Sharp's Rule)

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Date: Thu Jun 21 2001 - 11:52:39 EDT

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<< I'm just curious about the first part of the verse... Is it OK grammar for
 John to have included an article for both KURIOS and QEOS? Is there
 anything inherently wrong with this... in regard to Granville Sharp's
 Jason >>

Dear Jason:

No, it does not conflict with Sharp's rule in as much as Sharp discussed the
implications of substantives connected by KAI where only the first was
preceded by the article. However, your example does nullify the argument
often offered by strong advocates of Sharp, namely, that if two persons are
meant in certain texts then the article could simply have been used before
the second noun. Your example, and many others, shows that this is not the
case. Thus, we need to be careful when we approach such texts and let the
restrictive force of the nouns and the context have a say in whether or not
one or two persons are meant in ARTICLE-NOUN-KAI-NOUN and
ARTICLE-NOUN-KAI-ARTICLE-NOUN constructions. There are exceptions to both
when the aforementioned (restrictive force [proper names and terms equivalent
or in excess of proper names in terms of being restricted to one known
person] and context) are considered.

Best regards,

Greg Stafford

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