[b-greek] Mark 1:24

From: David Thiele (thielogian@yahoo.com)
Date: Fri Jun 22 2001 - 03:29:35 EDT

In Mark 1:24 the following words occur: TI hHMIN KAI
SOI. An almost identical construction appears in John

In John the words are on the lips of Jesus in response
to Mary’s observation that the wine had run out. I
would take the meaning to be something like “What is
that to us?”.

I am having considerably more difficulty in settling
on a meaning for the phrase in Mark. There it is not
a response but the opening gambit by the man with the
unclean spirit. I suppose that phrase has a meaning
that would fit both contexts but I am at a lost to
find it. Any suggestions?


David Thiele
Pacific Adventist University

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