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From: Harold Helm (sundance@neosoft.com)
Date: Sun Jun 24 2001 - 04:22:34 EDT

> From: "Harry W. Jones" <hjbluebird@aol.com>
> Does anyone know of a List like the B-Greek List that's for theology?
> I have tried a few theology web pages already but they are just too slow.

You're invited to join our theological discussion group - psychiatrists,
psychologists, rabbis, teachers, professors, counseling students, lawyers,
and others with perspectives per consulting, helping, advising, educating:
              Simply send a blank message to:


                        Then confirm & post discussion to the group at:


You are encouraged to introduce yourself and say or detail whatever
of yourself, interests, vision, education, work, topics of interest.
Our group has a wide spectrum of (somewhat) scholarly perspectives,
orientations, and approaches to life, helping others, walking with G-d,
asking questions, interfaith case examples, etc. I'm listowner- Harold.

We'd love for you to share per counseling, theology, ethics, humor, etc.
Your insights are what we most welcome. Please let others interested in
theological issues know of our group and encourage them to join. Shalom!


Harold Helm <sundance@neosoft.com> phone is 1-713-529-2333 Houston TX USA

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