[b-greek] John 4:17-18

From: Wayne Leman (Wayne_Leman@SIL.ORG)
Date: Tue Jun 26 2001 - 00:38:32 EDT

> You can go on and on about "empirical science" but for those of us who are
> post Kant and post Kuhn, the religion of scientism isn't as impressive as
> was to those who lived 100 year ago.

Clay, I'm not an adherent to a religion of scientism. I am an eclectic
wanting to get as close to truth whenever I can, using whatever
methodologies work as well as they can to get us as close as they can. I am
willing to live with uncertainty, but where careful study have given us
statistically significant results which can be formulated as principles of
language behavior, I'm willing to run with them until something better comes
along. Life is too short for me not to do so. I need to know what the Greek
says and
means. I need to know how it functions as other languages, indicating
constrast, new topics, old topics. I'm willing to eat scraps if that is all
available to me.
In my heart, however, I think we have much better to eat than scraps. We
have much
to be thankful for in the field of Greek studies, for the past 2300+ years.

> Thanks for the informative posts.

You're welcome, Clay. As always, you challenge and stretch me, and I
appreciate that,

> Clay

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