[b-greek] Re: Mark 1:24

From: George Athas (gathas@ausisp.com)
Date: Tue Jun 26 2001 - 10:48:08 EDT

Yes, Carl's explanation is correct. There is a very good Hebrew/Aramaic term behind it all
which the Greek seems to be rendering quite literally. In Hebrew/Aramaic it is: "What is
belonging to me and belonging to you?" The word "belonging" is generally marked by a
preposition in Hebrew/Aramaic which is often translated by the dative in Greek.

I think the background of the remark in Mark 1:24 is the Old Testament understanding of
ritual status. There are three statuses: (1) Holy; (2) Clean; (3) Unclean. This comes out
constantly in the Torah. We must be careful to note that the spirit in Mark 1 is an
"unclean" spirit, which should have nothing to do with the "Holy" one of God. This is in
keeping with the holiness of God as spelled out in the OT, where the Holy God can have
nothing to do with anything unclean, and demands ritual purity and holiness when he is

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