[b-greek] Re: Comparing ALLOS and hETEROS

From: Rick Stamp (rickstamp@gmx.net)
Date: Wed Jun 27 2001 - 00:15:46 EDT

> I've heard arguments for certain doctrines based on the usage of ALLOS and
> hETEROS. ALLOS can mean, supposedly, "another of the same kind," while
> hETEROS can mean "another of a different kind."
> Brandon C. Wason

Brandon, please consider:

Hom. Il. 13.64
"Therewith the Enfolder and Shaker of Earth smote the twain
with his staff, and filled them with valorous strength and made
their limbs light, their feet and their hands above. And himself,
even as a hawk, swift of flight, speedeth forth to fly, and
poising himself aloft above a high sheer rock, darteth over
the plain to chase some other bird; [ORNEON ALLO]"

Here is an instance of ALLOS used of two who were "birds",
but Poseidon who merely transforms himself into a bird's
appearance (but remains a god) is ALLOS "some other [real]

Lu 14:31 - "Or what king, marching to meet another [hETERW] king
in war..." BDAG, page 399 "other of two, contrasting a definite
person or thing."

Here two persons that are being differentiated as definite
persons are modified with hETEROS, not ALLOS.

Rick Stamp

Rick Stamp

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