[b-greek] ALLOS in the Apocalypse

From: c stirling bartholomew (cc.constantine@worldnet.att.net)
Date: Wed Jun 27 2001 - 17:35:16 EDT

Diverging from the Jn 14:16 hETEROS/ALLOS discussion I decided to take a
look at ALLOS in the Apocalypse.

ALLOS in the Apocalypse is most often combined with some form of AGGELOS,
where "one of the same kind" might appear to be a semantic feature of ALLOS.
However, R.H. Charles (Rev. ICC, vol. II, page 21) argues that the ALLOS
AGGELOS in Rev. 14:18 refers back to the OMOION hUION ANQRWPOU in Rev. 14:14
and is for that reason ALLOS AGGELOS of a "different kind." Charles
accomplishes his task via some "creative" textual reconstruction which need
not side track us at this point. The main thing to note is that Charles
makes a distinction between different meanings of ALLOS AGGELOS
(other kind/same kind) within the book of Revelation.

However, we need not follow R.H. Charles on this if we postulate that ALLOS
in Rev. is used in a loose manner, which did not include the semantic
feature "other kind/same kind." There are other contexts where ALLOS is used
for an entity of a different kind (e.g. Rev. 13:11, 15:1). ALLO QHRIWN in
Rev. 13:11 describes a different kind of QHRIWN. This does not prove that
ALLOS in this context contains a semantic component "another of a different
kind." It may simply indicate that the "same kind / different kind"
distinction for hETEROS/ALLOS was not an active feature in the authors
semantic system. hETEROS never appears in Revelation.

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