[b-greek] Re: The text of Luke 2:2 and word order

From: Steve Puluka (spuluka@hotmail.com)
Date: Fri Jun 29 2001 - 06:44:05 EDT

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From: "Iver Larsen" <iver_larsen@sil.org>
> First, of course, we should try to establish the original text and I think
it is
> beyond reasonable doubt that the original text included the definite
> Carl accepted this, but to go into details about it would probably move us
> the TC-list domain.

The original text is what TC is all about. You may want to note that one of
the logical premises of TC is that the more difficult reading GRAMMATICALLY
SPEAKING is MORE likely to be the ORIGINAL text. Scribes tend to correct
grammar that is wrong over the years. This is probably why the text you
don't like is in the critical editions.

Steve Puluka
Chair of the Adult Education Committee
Office of Religious Education
Byzantine Catholic Archeparchy of Pittsburgh

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