[b-greek] Re: Accent placement rules

From: Daniel L. Christiansen (dlc@multnomah.edu)
Date: Fri Jun 29 2001 - 14:38:30 EDT

Matthew Harris wrote [snipped]:

> Can anybody explain the accent placement rules to me, or direct me to
> somewhere/someone who could (preferably online)? E.g. what exactly does it
> mean to say that verbs are recessive?

As always, Carl is a fount of information—you would look long and hard before
finding the -EWS as one syllable explanation in any text. And Clay already
mentioned Don Carson's book. I agree that this is a great source, if you wish to do
such a study, though I disagree with Clay's evaluation on the relative value in such
a study :) Of course, Carson's book may be a bit longer and involved than you
like. If you want a *much* shorter and greatly simplified account of accentuation
rules, see pages 13-14 of _Grammatical Aids for Students of NT Greek_ (Walter
Mueller, pub. by Eerdmans, 1972, ISBN: 0-8028-1447-6)

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