[b-greek] Re: Re The time element in the Greek tenses

From: Harry W. Jones (hjbluebird@aol.com)
Date: Sun Aug 05 2001 - 09:21:32 EDT

To All B-Greekers,

I should have included the imperfect tense too. For example,

<aorist or imperfect verb(which could or could not be a particicple)>1

Harry Jones

> To All B-Greekers,
> If I have three Greek verbs in a sentence which could or could not be
> a mixture of regular verbs or participles, would the tenses of the
> verbs represent or determine the sequence in which the actions took
> place?
> For example,
> <aorist verb(could or could not be a participle>1
> <present tense verb(could or could not be a participle>2
> <future tense verb(could or could not be a participle)>3.
> Would the sequence of occurrence be 1 2 3?
> Yours in Christ,
> Harry Jones

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