[b-greek] RE: Three quick questions

From: Pete Richert (maqhths_tou_hhfmou@yahoo.com)
Date: Thu Aug 09 2001 - 17:50:19 EDT

I found this thread rather interesting because I am
conteplating the same. I have been studying Greek for
round about two years now (1 in school, 1 on my own)
and am going to start Hebrew soon (actually counting
the days for the "Basics of Biblical Hebrew"). I
picked up most of the Grammer well during my first
year of school, but I am finding that actually
learning the language is a slow process. Still
though, I was suprised at my progress. I origially
thought it would take 30 years just to read it at all.

Greek, (and soon Hebrew) is just my hobby. I'm an
engineer by profession (though I read a lot of
commentaries were Greek understanding is key). I
don't ever care if I master it, its just for fun
anyway. If God wants to use it sometime down the
road, Execllent! I plan to pursue it as long as my
passion (and it's a passion) remains, and hope that a
good thirty or so years of playing will make me quite
compitant in both. I plan on learning the entire
vocab for the Greek NT, but clearly I will have to
cheat for Hebrew.

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