[b-greek] Sequencing verb tenses

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Date: Sat Aug 11 2001 - 00:15:44 EDT

<HTML><FONT FACE=arial,helvetica><FONT COLOR="#0000ff" SIZE=2><B>To All B-Greekers,
<BR>When we look at the tenses English grammar we find six. They are,Past tense,
<BR>Present tense, Future tense, Past Perfect tense, Present Perfect tense and
<BR>Future Perfect tense. We know in English grammar that a Past Perfect action
<BR>takes place before all other past actions within a sentence. We also know
<BR>that in English grammar, that the Future Perfect tense takes place before all
<BR>other Future tenses. The question is, what do we know about NT Greek grammar
<BR>in this respect of sequencing? Does a Pluperfect action tense take place
<BR>before all other Past action tenses? Does a Future Perfect action in NT Greek
<BR>grammar take place before all other merely Future tenses? Are there Past
<BR>tenses in NT Greek that sequence each other? I have a whole lot of Greek
<BR>grammar books but not a whole lot of answers. Can anybody help me?
<BR>Harry Jones</B></FONT>
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