[b-greek] Re: Matt 8:7

From: Jay Anthony Adkins (Jadkins26438@cs.com)
Date: Sat Aug 11 2001 - 05:41:33 EDT

Iver Larsen wrote (Snip)

>The fronted EGW suggests a contrast between Jesus and someone else. This
>why I don't think the statement option fits as well as the question
>Who else was going to heal him? He always came in person, so why not
>Why would Jesus focus on the fact that he himself was the one to do the
>healing? No one else did such things.

> Who else was going to heal him?

How about His disciples? They were sent out at various times to do just
that and with the lack of chronological consistency in the gospel
accounts, could this not be the cause of the emphatic EGW or even a
reflexive use? i.e. "I myself shall come and heal him?"

Sola Gratia,
         Jay Adkins
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