[b-greek] Re: When is a form real?

From: Mike Sangrey (msangrey@BlueFeltHat.org)
Date: Wed Aug 15 2001 - 13:14:58 EDT

"hefin jones" <hefinjones@hotmail.com> said:
> 1. The view of bilingualism advocated here is seriously flawed. True
> bilinguals don't privilege one language over the other(s) in their
> minds. In fact in certain contexts one can switch from one language
> to the other and back again without being especially conscious of
> doing so.

I should add to my previous comments that what I said should not
be construed to contradict Hefin's comment.

Someone, on this list in fact, told a story of a person speaking
in one language to her mother. She turned to her husband's brother
and spoke in English FULLY ASSUMING he had understood what she had
said to her mother.
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