[b-greek] Aramaic Version Of the NT?!?!?

From: Dylan Potter (dylan_potter@hotmail.com)
Date: Thu Aug 16 2001 - 16:15:18 EDT

I have taken an introductory course in NT greek, and read my interlinear
like any good Bible student. But, while I know the majority of the NT was
written in greek, yet there are portions of the OT/NT in Aramaic. I am
curious about this supposedly "lost autograph" written in Aramaic that
certain people talk about. Could anyone tell me if it would be worthwhile
to study the NT Aramaic translations? I know there are some weird things
that do not jive with the greek, viz. 'pveuma' is neuter in koine, yet the
Aramaic text renders the word for spirit in the feminine......should I
disregard the hype surrounding the Aramaic? And, do you think Jesus spoke
Aramaic more than Greek or Hebrew? Was it his common dialect? Thanks for
your help!
Grace and peace,
Dylan Potter

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