[b-greek] Comma Johanneum

From: Alex Kyrychenko (kyrychenko@x-stream.co.uk)
Date: Sat Aug 18 2001 - 13:21:39 EDT

Dear list members,

I am interested in pro and con arguments concerning 'Comma Johanneum',
preferably with bibliographical references. Particularly, I have the
following questions:

1. How many known Greek MSS contain 1 Jn epistle?
2. What is the oldest MS from the above?
3. Is it true that only 8 Greek MSS contain the Comma (Metzger)?
4. Is it true that none of the Greek fathers does not quote the Comma?
(I was referred to Pseudo Athanasius and some others who allegedly do
quote it - no exact reference was given)
5. Is it true that Armenian version does not have it?
6. Is it true that old Arabic version does not have it (dates when?)
7. What is the MS "Correctorium Bibliae" that allegedly states that
the majority of contemporary MSS has the Comma?
8. Is that true that out of 60 MSS that Stefanus used for his edition
in 1550, 53 did contain the Comma? (then - question 3)

Thank you,

Alexander Kyrychenko

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