[b-greek] EGW EIMI Revisited

From: Matthew R. Miller (biblicalscribe@hotmail.com)
Date: Sat Aug 18 2001 - 13:09:20 EDT

Hello B Greekers,
When I originally asked about EGW EIMI, I did have John 8:58 in mind, but
I was trying to initiate a purely grammatical discussion so that I could
derive my own theological conclusion. So, before this thread is ended, I
still have not found the answer to this question: Is EGW HN or similar
used in any koine literature to express the statement, "I was," or "It was
I?" This is am important study to me, but I have no access to the search
tool (TGR is it? Something like that). Would it be against B Greek policy
or politeness to ask someone with this to do such a search? Apologies in
advance if this transgresses the bounds of this list. Matthew Miller

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