From: B. Ward Powers (bwpowers@optusnet.com.au)
Date: Sat Aug 18 2001 - 16:51:13 EDT

B-greekers all,

On 13th August I wrote to b-greek, in a discussion with Randall Buth,

<<If there are others in our b-greek family who are interested in the
issues which have been raised in these list discussions and who would also
wish to have a copy of my Grammar, please regard my offer of a copy as
extended to you also.>>

These discussions on the list were about linguistics and NT Greek, and the
offer was of a free copy of my linguistics-based Grammar, "Learn To Read
the Greek NT".

More than sixty b-greek members have accepted my offer and have emailed me
to request a copy. (I am especially grateful to those who offered to
reimburse me the postage or to pay for the book, even though I had not
asked this: I accepted their offers with heartfelt thanks.) About half of
these copies have already been sent, and I expect to be able to mail the
balance in the course of the coming week. All requests which have been
emailed to me for copies will be accepted and supplied.

But the offer has been open for a week and it is now time for me to close
it. Henceforth I ask that you please pay for any copies you order: $US37 in
North America, 22 pounds in UK, $A60 for other countries (in each case,
postage included), discounts for quantities and bookshops - payment info
will be provided when I acknowledge an email order.

I did not realize there would be so many b-greek members interested in
giving consideration to my linguistic approach to analyzing and teaching NT
Greek. This has been very encouraging - I am confident that this will lead
to a wider appreciation of the benefits to be gained from adopting a
linguistic approach to the analysis and teaching of koine Greek.
Linguistics-based explanations of what can be seen to be happening in the
language assist our understanding, and make teaching NT Greek more helpful
and more effective.

I will always be interested to continue these discussions with list members
(on-list or off-list, whichever is more appropriate).



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