[b-greek] 1 Pet 3:19

From: Tony Costa (tmcos@hotmail.com)
Date: Tue Aug 21 2001 - 13:58:47 EDT

Dear B-Greek Friends,

   I was interested to find out about any comments you may have on the text
of 1 Pet 3:19. This passage while being called the darkest passage in the NT
is also the one passage many NT scholars argue deserves emendation. It has
been suggested by Rendel Harris for instance that the text originally had
the name of Enoch in it (ENWX), but that a later scribe dropped this proper
name from one of his copies and now we have instead EN W KAI. Metzger states
that in a uncial script where there were no spaces in between letters ENWK
and ENWKAI could be easily confused. Both Moffat and Goodspeed insert the
word "Enoch" into their translations of the NT at 1 Pet 3:19. Metzger
however, rejects this emendation and believes the present reading in the
text is sound because it flows naturally with the text. All other NT
translations also retain the present reading. Any comments would be

                                                 Tony Costa

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