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>Subj: [b-greek] Bibleworks 5.0

>Subject: [b-greek] Bibleworks 5.0
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>Hello all,

>I still use Bibleworks 3.5, and find it more than adequate. Since we all
>know this program, as wonderful as it is, doesn't come cheap, I am looking
>for some compelling reasons to take the plunge. Convince me! Thanks, Matt

I use BibleWorks 4.0 and like it very much because it contains the
New American Bible and the New Jerusalem Bible as well as most other
modern translations, not to mention the Greek and Hebrew texts.
BibleWorks 5.0 has the Jewish Publication Society TANAKH, which I very
much want to get, as well as the 1917 JPS Holy Scriptures.
Version 5.0 also has the 1599 Geneva Bible as well as the full
unabridged Thayer's Greek Lexicon, the full unabridged BDB-Gesenius
Hebrew Lexicon, the Modern Greek Bible, and the Salkinson Ginsberg
Hebrew New Testament. For other new addition, check out their website
at www.bibleworks.com. For myself, I can't wait to get Version 5.0.
It'll be well worth the $150 for the upgrade.

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