[b-greek] Re: 1Cor 15:8

From: George Athas (gathas@ausisp.com)
Date: Wed Aug 29 2001 - 20:47:00 EDT

The semantics of EKTRWMA are usefull in helping to define the ballpark we are in. However,
if we want to pinpoint what Paul means by it (ie, why he uses it), then we must consider
the context to find a more precise point in the ballpark. Paul is very concerned in this
part of his letter to talk about the timing of Jesus' resurrection appearances. Hence, he
lists the order in which people saw a risen Jesus. He places himself as the last on the

Notice the parallelism in thought:


The hWSPEREI forms the conjunctive link between the two parts and serves to highlight the
unity of thought. Thus, EKTRWMA has something to do with traumatic expulsion at birth and
in this instance, Paul uses the word to illustrate the untimeliness of his own witness to
the resurrection. Paul's previous persecution of the church is evidenced by Paul for his
unworthiness to be called an apostle. The EKTRWMA description of himself is not connected
with this unworthiness aspect of his apostleship, but with the timing of his
apostle-making experience. In the context, then, Paul uses the EKTRWMA analogy of the
timing of his resurrection experience.

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