[b-greek] Gnosis/Ginwskw Valencia Peterson

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Date: Mon Sep 03 2001 - 03:11:49 EDT

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>Subject: [b-greek] Gnosis/Ginwskw Valencia Peterson
>Date: Mon, 3 Sep 2001 00:38:03 -0700
>I wasn't sure this question went through the first time, so I'm sending it
>Is it correct that gnosis is the substitive for ginwskw? As in, ginwskw is
>the verb to know, and gnosis is the thing known. Is there a substitive for
>the greek verb oida, like gnosis is for ginwskw? If not, why not? John never
>used the substitive for ginwskw, is this correct? And is there no substitive
>for oida?

>Valencia (Peterson) [New list-members please note: B-Greek protocol requires a
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