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From: Daniel Riaño (danielrr@eresmas.net)
Date: Sat Sep 08 2001 - 05:45:22 EDT

>At 8:00 PM -0300 9/7/01, Brent Hudson wrote:
>Before I tell and old tale, I was wondering if the story
> >of the actor Hegelochus mispronouncing GALHN hORW is found in a source
>>somewhere or is it an apocryphal tale kept alive by desparate Greek
> >teachers?

        According to the scholiast of Euripides, "many" played jokes
(DIE/PAIXAN) on account of poor Hegelochus' mistake (a circumflex,
instead of the acute accent) committed three years earlier reciting
Euripides *Orestes* 279. Among the many are Aristophanes himself
(Frogs 303-4) and also Sannyrion Fr.8 and Strattis Fr. 1 and 60. The
full story is told on the scholia to Euripides, and again in the Suda
s.n. Hegelochus. I think the story was popularised by Stanford who
recorded it in the companion vinyl disk that came with his book,
Stanford, W. B. (1967). "The sound of Greek : studies in the Greek
theory and practice of euphony." Berkeley, University of California
        Well... most of the other actor's names disappeared without a trace.
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