[b-greek] Re: Ego Emi?

From: B. Ward Powers (bwpowers@optusnet.com.au)
Date: Sat Sep 08 2001 - 16:46:45 EDT

B-greekers all:

At 10:02 PM 010907 -0700, Dennis Bass wrote:
>Several times in the Gospel of John, the term (ego emi) is
>used. I'm under the impression, based on a limited knowledge of Greek,
>that this is not the usual term for "I am". Can anyone tell me if this is
>a correct assumption, or is a common usage?
>Dennis Bass

When I received this email on the List, I rejoiced with exceeding great
joy, and shouted Hallelujah!

But PROS EMAUTON - to myself, under my breath, you understand, lest I
startle the neighbours.

Because Dennis's email contained genuine Greek letters (which I cannot
reproduce) for EGW EIMI.

I stared at it in puzzled wonderment. I have been on b-greek for many long
years (since before it was called b-greek, in fact) and this was the first
time Greek letters had appeared on my email screen. Did this represent a
technological breakthrough? I mused. Would this mean an end now to having
to employ the (useful, but difficult to read) transliteration scheme to
which we (almost) all subscribe? How could I too learn to be part of this
modern miracle? Dennis Bass, how is it DONE?

But then I came to the reply to Dennis by Paul Schmehl, quoting Dennis's
magic email, and found that the Greek letters have become replaced by
question marks. And I hit "reply" to begin this email of mine, which
brought Dennis's email up on my screen - and the Greek letters had become
replaced by messy mumbo-jumbo (which you may or may not be able to see in
the copy at the top of this email).

I have some questions for the experts:

1. I use Eudora Pro for my email. How was it possible that Dennis's Greek
arrived on my screen in his email? Dennis, how did you send it thus?

2. Did other list members also receive the words EGW EIMI in Greek? What
technology do we have in common?

3. Paul Schmehl: did you receive it as Greek or as six question marks
(which is how it appears in your email when I received it)?

4. Is the day any nearer as yet when we can adopt a program, download an
add-on, use a protocol, whatever it takes, which enables us to use actual
Greek letters for Greek words?



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