[b-greek] Unicode

From: Brent Hudson (brent@riveroflifembchurch.com)
Date: Sun Sep 09 2001 - 00:01:49 EDT

To use Greek characters in an all text message (i.e., non-HTML message), you need an OS that supports Unicode encoding and an email client that can make sense of the extra information. The client also must be able to send UTF-8 encoded messages. Outlook can do this, but not everyone uses this program.

Second, unless these messages are being saved with the UTF-8 encoding, no one will be able to make out the Greek in the Archives.

I believe that Mac OS8 and above all support Unicode font encoding. However, it is far from fully implemented in either Windows or Mac applications. I would suggest continuing the traditional B-Greek transliteration scheme until all common applications support Unicode encoding.

Brent Hudson

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