[b-greek] Re: Ego Emi?

From: Jim West (jwest@highland.net)
Date: Sun Sep 09 2001 - 09:03:42 EDT

> I received it as Greek letters. And I can tell you that, if you're using
> Windows, you can reproduce Greek letters quite easily by simply changing
> your keyboard layout. For example, I can type εγο ειμι or ΕΓΟ ΕΙΜΙ in
> ASCII text simply by switching my keyboard to Greek. If all B-Greekers
> could do this, it would be very nice, but I doubt they can, because not
> are using Windows.

well wow! i opened this note useing outlook express and sure enough the
greek letters are plainly visible!

> Καιρετε,

oops paul-- its not Καιρετε - its chi not kappa.

> Paul Schmehl pauls@utdallas.edu
> p.l.schmehl@worldnet.att.net
> http://www.utdallas.edu/~pauls/

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