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From: Decker, Rodney (rdecker@bbc.edu)
Date: Fri Sep 14 2001 - 17:04:12 EDT

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<P><FONT SIZE=2>Is anyone aware of any published discussions of the use of BAG/BAGD/BDAG, particularly in terms of exegesis and method? The only ones that I have been able to locate is Gordon Fee's *NT Exegesis* in which he devotes several pages to discussing the value and use of our standard lexicon (pp. 87-89 in first ed., pp. 104-09 in the 2d.), Countryman, *NT Is in Greek,* 108-11, 117-19, and a few scattered references in ch. 8 of Danker's *Multipurpose Tools for Bible Study* (3d ed., 1970). Fee's discussion is by far the best; Countryman is very basic; Danker's anecdotal (some quotable!). I would think that this deserves more attention, particularly in contexts (such as mine) where we attempt to teach students how to do exegesis--especially so now that we finally(!) have the 3d ed. with which to work. There is no end to articles on various &quot;methods&quot; of NT interpretation in the exegetical handbooks, but seemingly a scarcity on using the most basic tools.</FONT></P>

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