[b-greek] Re: Require reading of entire New Testament on audio tapes

From: Carl W. Conrad (cwconrad@artsci.wustl.edu)
Date: Sun Sep 16 2001 - 07:15:40 EDT

Since this is an invitation to participate in an enterprise rather than a
comment or question directly concerned with focal issues of B-Greek,
list-members should respond OFF-LIST, probably after perusing carefully the
web-site indicated in the message.

At 12:04 AM -0400 9/16/01, Ted Hilts wrote:
>The web site ministry http://www.help-for-you.com is in the process of
>constructing an on line Study Bible with built in features such as an
>exegetical commentary, expositional commentary, and an encyclopedic
>lexicon which references related themes and provides both a cultural and
>historic component to these themes. One of the tools we require must
>produce a streaming audio of the Greek according to traditional
>pronounciation not the Modern pronounciation. To accomplish this we need
>a reading of the New Testament but done as double reading of each verse.
>The first reading is slow and the second reading is normal. We call this
>the "double verse reading". Prior to the double verse reading we require
>the book, chapter, and verse in English. After each double verse reading
>there must be approximately a 2 second pause which will allow us to take
>each double verse off the tape and transform it to an MP3 and a RealServer
>streaming audio file. We need someone competent in traditional Koine
>Greek pronounciation. We are a non-profit organization and would
>appreciate a volunteer but that is probably unrealistic as it would take
>several long days to produce such a reading and require several dozen
>cassettes. Therefore, if anyone is interested in helping us out please
>respond and provide an estimate of your charges and appropriate contact
>Thank you for considering this request and I apologize if this email is
>irregular to the list or causes anyone a problem because it appears on the
>Bye-thanks, Yours in Christ, Ted Hilts [New list-members:please note that
>BG proocol requires a full-name signature appended to all messages sent to
>the list. cwc]

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