[b-greek] Re: A New Perspective on 1 Tim 2:4

From: Carl W. Conrad (cwconrad@artsci.wustl.edu)
Date: Sun Sep 23 2001 - 16:13:22 EDT

At 11:38 AM -0400 9/23/01, Moon-Ryul Jung wrote:
>Let me try some experiment on reading 1 Tim 2:4. The idea came from
>the "New Perspective on Paul and the Law". The nutshell of this paradigm
>is based on a certain reading of Rom 3:28 - 30:

The arguments you raise here, Moon, are interesting and would be perfectly
appropriate for discussion on the Corpus-Paulinum list--but they are
inappropriate here inasmuch as they depend upon hermeneutical and
text-critical and other broad interpretative assumptions about the Pauline
corpus that are outside the boundaries of B-Greek. Although concerned with
what PANTAS ANQRWPOUS in the text under discussion might mean, it has
abandoned even the Greek phrase of the thread to approach the questions
involved essentially from OUTSIDE the Greek text itself (you even cite the
passages you deem to bear on this matter in translation, so that it is
clear the Greek text is not central to the discussion. If people want to
pursue this approach, they should take it elsewhere, perhaps, as I've
suggested, to the Corpus-Paulinum list:

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