[b-greek] Re: 1 Tim. 2:4 --> PANTAS ANQRWPOUS

From: Carl W. Conrad (cwconrad@artsci.wustl.edu)
Date: Sun Sep 23 2001 - 20:10:24 EDT

At 5:00 PM -0500 9/23/01, David H. Warren wrote:
>"Steven R. Lo Vullo" wrote:
>> This still does not deal with the obvious problem: "All people" cannot
>>refer to
>> every single person in the world, since it would be impossible to pray
>>for every
>> person without exception. And the fact that the author wants prayer to
>>be made for
>> specific people, rather than simply for a faceless lump of humanity, is
>>made clear
>> by his mention of specific kinds of people for which prayer should be
>>made. . . . So
>> again, it is more natural to think of PANTWN ANQRWPWN in terms of "all
>>kinds of
>> people," certain kinds of which the writer delineates.
>Dear Steve,
>How would someone in Koine Greek express the idea of "every single person
>in the
>world" or "all" in the sense of every person without exception? Would you
>please cite
>an example of such usage?

One might use hAPAS, although PAS in the predicate position would seem to
do service the same way. Note L&N:

59.23 PAS, PASA, PAN; hAPAS, -ASA, -AN (alternative form of PAS):2 the
totality of any object, mass, collective, or extension - 'all, every, each,
disciples left him and ran away' Mt 26:56; HLQEN hO KATAKLUSMOS KAI HREN
hAPANTAS 'the flood came and swept them all away' Mt 24:39; hWRMHSEN PASA
hH AGELH KATA TOU KRHMNOUv 'the whole herd rushed down the side of the
cliff' Mt 8:32; hOUTWS PAS ISRAHL SWQHSETAI 'this is how all Israel will be
saved' Ro 11:26; SOI DWSW THN EXOUSIAN TAUTHN hAPASAN 'I will give to you
all this power' Lk 4:6; hO ... PAS NOMOS 'the whole Law' Ga 5:14; PANTA GAR
hUMWN ESTIN 'for everything is yours' 1Cor 3:21.


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