[b-greek] Help with AUTOS

From: Art Fox (fractalab@hotmail.com)
Date: Fri Sep 28 2001 - 09:04:24 EDT

I need some clarification on the use of AUTOS. My understand has been
that AUTOS in the Nominative in the predicate position, it means "himself,
herself, itself" (BDAG speak about the 'subject'). AUTOS in the
attributive position in any case means "same" and that AUTOS in the
oblique cases is simply a pronoun. I have read BDAG, Smyth and Wallace
and there is basic agreement but herein lays my problem. In Machen's
grammar his explanation echos the above yet in his exercises there are
several places where a predicative accusative is meant as "himself,
herself, itself". Example from Machen:


I have no problem modifying either Machen's statements or his questions,
but as I help a student through this (free) grammar how do I explain this.

Thanks in advance,
Art Fox

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