[b-greek] RE: Use of AUTOS

From: Brent Hudson (brent@riveroflifembchurch.com)
Date: Fri Sep 28 2001 - 11:09:15 EDT

Hi Carl,
I appreciated your response to Art (he actually DID post here...excellent).

I re-read North and Hillard and while they do mention the special use of the
Nominative, they are quite clear that AUTOS in any case in predicate
position is intensive. I guess because I have learned an error, I wasn't
reading it correctly. After your explanation to Art, it is very clear. I
imagine Smyth will become more clear to me now too!

I was taught this incorrectly in my beginning Greek class and it was
reinforced in my intermediate class and after that I understood exceptions
in terms of apposition. This is really scary!

Brent Hudson

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