[b-greek] Re: James 2:13

From: Steven Lo Vullo (doulos@appleisp.net)
Date: Fri Sep 28 2001 - 14:43:46 EDT

on 9/28/01 12:24 PM, Rob Matlack at united_by_truth@yahoo.com wrote:

> The Majority Text of James 2:13b reads: KATAKAUXATAI ELEON KPISEWS
> How is that to be understood? In other words, what is the function of the
> accusative ELEON and the genitive KPISEWS? Who or what is the subject of
> Could it be something like: "He (God) exults (brags on) mercy rather than
> judgment"?


Not sure which text you are using, but UBSGNT and NA27 have ELEOS, which
could be either nominative or accusative, but which here is nominative. I'm
guessing that the text you are using (Robinson's MT?) contains a variant
form of neuter nominative (although neither UBSGNT nor NA27 list such a
variant). It is the subject of KATAKAUCATAI. KRISEWS is the direct object,
since KATAKAUCAOMAI takes a genitive direct object (cf. Rom 11.18). Verbs of
rule or subjugation sometimes do (Genitive of Subordination, a
lexico-semantic category). The idea here seems to be that mercy "triumphs"
over judgment (cf. NASB, NAS95, RSV, NRSV, NIV, NAB, NLT). I think this
meaning of KATAKAUCAOMAI derives from the fact that "boasting" and "triumph"
are closely linked concepts.

Steven Lo Vullo
Madison, WI

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