[b-greek] Re: What To Do With PNEUMATIKOS

From: Jay Anthony Adkins (Jadkins26438@cs.com)
Date: Wed Oct 03 2001 - 09:08:57 EDT

Iver Larsen wrote in part:

>The context of chapter 12 as well as chapter 14 makes it clear
>that the topic is spiritual gifts as they are discussed in these

>From my perspective as a professional Bible translator, a translation
>translates PNEUMATIKWN in v. 1 as "spiritual things" or "spiritual
>indicates a lack of awareness of the importance of context for meaningful

Frank Gee responded at length refuting this idea. He spoke of the
immediate context not allowing the use of ‘spiritual gifts.' To this I
would also add Gordon Fee's comments in his book ‘God's Empowering
Presence', wherein he notes that chapter 13 is part of the context of
12-14 and argues that this greater context will not allow the use of
‘spiritual gifts.'

In either case, both argue from context in support of PNEUMATIKWN in 12:1
as meaning ‘spiritual matters' or ‘spiritual things.' This shows no "lack
of awareness of the importance of context for meaningful translation."

Sola Grata,
Jay Adkins
Always Under Grace!

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