[b-greek] Re: What To Do With PNEUMATIKOS

From: George Blaisdell (maqhth@hotmail.com)
Date: Fri Oct 05 2001 - 15:09:01 EDT


George Blaisdell
Roslyn, WA

"Be not troubling of you the heart..."

>From: Mike Sangrey

> > Paul Schmehl <p.l.schmehl@worldnet.att.net> said:

> > > And then we come to PERI DE TWN PNEUMATIKWN. Paul's entire
> > > treatise, prior to chapter 12 concerns *primarily* fleshly > >
> > matters, if you will...

> > > Now we come to chapter 12, and Paul ...[in effect] says, > >
> > let's discuss spiritual matters."

>I completely agree that 1 Cor 2:13-15, or even 2:6-16, introduces
>"spiritual things" (the word PNEUMATIKOS is used here).

I agree too. Thanks for a nice post, Mike.

I keep looking at this TWN PNEUMATIKWN, and its gloss to English, as we keep
going back and forth between spiritual things, spiritual matters, and in
some translations even spiritual people - The Greek, of course, simply says
"of the spirituals"... And I remember the Lord's Prayer's opening line with
the plural EN TOIS OURANOIS, often translated heavenly, or in the singular
"in heaven"... And to my mind, the concept of 'spiritual things' in English
has a kind of oxymoronic feel to it - We pick things up, skip them across
ponds, dissect them, shovel snow with them... "Spiritual matters..." seems
much to be preferred - You cannot pick up matters and hand them to the next
guy, except metaphorically, and I just wonder with this TWN PNEUMATIKWN if
we should even perhaps avoid the inner mental gloss of spiritual 'topics',
for even these are but about [PERI] spiritual matters...

So I add my sou to you too Sue...


[And I promise never to call you Sue again, Mike!] :-)

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