[b-greek] Roman Names into Greek

From: G. Ross (gfross@pacbell.net)
Date: Fri Oct 05 2001 - 18:34:02 EDT

Does anyone know of an offline or online source where I may find the
Hellenistic Greek forms of proper nouns (names of people, places, etc.)
originally in Latin?

For example, how would a first-century A.D. Greek write Roman names like
Caecilius, Metella, Quintus, and Grumio? Kaikilios, Metellh, Kuintos, and

And what declension in Greek would a name like "Grumiw" belong to?

What I'm doing, in case any of you are interested, is translating Unit 1 of
the _Cambridge Latin Course_ (North American Fourth Edition) into
(classical) Attic Greek for my own amusement. The Greek should be
Hellenistic, not classical, since the narrative takes place in the first
century A.D., but the only English-Greek dictionary I could find is that of
S.C. Woodhouse, and it is limited to the classical Attic dialect. I chose
that dictionary because I was unable to find any Latin-Greek dictionary
available for purchase.

Since this topic is not strictly biblical Greek, please feel free to send a
reply to me at gfross@pacbell.net.


Gordon Ross

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