[b-greek] RE: Jud 3:17 (LXX)

From: Stephen C. Carlson (scarlson@mindspring.com)
Date: Thu Oct 11 2001 - 09:41:48 EDT

At 09:19 AM 10/11/01 -0400, Jim West wrote:
>Thanks for your interesting note on "fatness". I wonder if the notion of
>"fat = beautiful" is found in other places in the LXX. I suppose a search
>of the Hebrew term "bari" and how the LXX deals with it would be
>informative and I will do just that when I can.

If you look at Hatch & Redpath, with the new reverse index,
you'll find that a lot of times, esp. in Gen. 41., that
BARIY) is translated with EKLEKTOS "choice" in reference
to the seven choice/fat cows of the dream.

>Still, the picture of
>Eglon (who's name means little cow) which the author offers is anything
>but flattering at every other point. He is rather naive, dull witted, and
>course. So why is he portrayed suddenly as "beautiful"?

A fat cow is a beautiful creature?

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