[b-greek] Linguistic view of verbs

From: boyd@huxcomm.net
Date: Sat Oct 27 2001 - 07:11:55 EDT

Iver wrote:
<In semantics, it is more common to talk about verbs that have
one, two or three basic valencies. These valencies are like arms
that go out from the verb nucleus and are able to grab one to three
nominals in various roles. The primary or basic semantic roles are:
1) agent (with subclasses:experiencer and cause), 2) patient or
undergoer, 3) beneficiary or location.>

Dear Iver, Kimmo, and others,

What book could you recommend that would further explain the
terminology and approach you mention above? I always appreciate
your contributions from linguistics--thanks for your work!

Jonathan Boyd
Huxley, IA

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