[b-greek] Varieties of the Aorist

From: Dale M. Wheeler (dalemw@teleport.com)
Date: Thu Nov 01 2001 - 11:55:00 EST

Carl Conrad wrote:

>It seems to me that IF we can teach students even now that that "aorist
>active" comes in three varieties represented by EPAIDEUSA, ELABON, and
>EGNWN, we ought to be able to teach them some day that "subject-focus"
>comes in two varieties represented by APOKRINOMAI/APEKRINAMHN and
>APEKRIQHN--and that for almost all of the verbs in the GNT we'll only see
>one or the other of those alternative varieties in the aorist.

Doesn't the Aorist come in four varieties...added to the above, KATABH,
with its "passive" endings?

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