[b-greek] Re: Varieties of the Aorist

From: B. Ward Powers (bwpowers@optusnet.com.au)
Date: Thu Nov 01 2001 - 19:02:41 EST

At 01:37 PM 011101 -0500, Carl W. Conrad wrote, in the course of a
discussion with Dale M. Wheeler:


> One might want to toss in the -KA
>aorists (EQHKA, EDWKA, etc.) but THOSE are forms one must learn anyway.

There are just four verbs in koine Greek in which the aorist (punctiliar)
morph is -KA- instead of the regular -SA-. These are the EQHKA (TIQHMI) and
EDWKA (DIDWMI) mentoned by Carl, plus -hIHMI. There are also variant forms
of the FERW suppletive aorist active form HNEGKON, which sometimes turns up
as HNEGKA and HNEGKAN, as if First Aorist with -KA- as the punctiliar morph
like in DIDWMI etc. (though the kappa is actually originally part of the root).

I believe there are no other -KA- aorists in koine Greek. (Am I missing
any?) Allowing for the -KA- instead of -SA-, these follow the flexion of
ELUSA exactly.

I have wondered what the history is of these three -KA- aorists. (I guess
that of HNEGKA is easier to discern - it is part of the tendency in koine
to "regularize" Second and Third Aorists to the First Aorist ELUSA pattern
in alpha, as is also found in HLQAN, etc.)

Is it known what lies behind these -KA- forms?



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