[b-greek] Re: New "Baby Greek" book by Bill Mounce

From: Paul Schmehl (p.l.schmehl@worldnet.att.net)
Date: Thu Nov 01 2001 - 21:47:19 EST

This sounds like a book I might have bought at one time. When I first heard
Greek being taught, I knew nothing. Being the skeptical sort, I bought
Young's Concordance and began to look things up. That's when I first
discovered that Greek words aren't always translated the same way. Then I
bought an Interlinear Greek/English New Testatment. That's when I first
discovered that sometimes Greek words aren't translated at all. Then I
bought Bullinger's Lexicon, and that's when I first discovered that Greek
words can have a great deal of meaning. And so it went. I acquired BAG and
Wuest's "Word Studies" and other books when a local minister quit the
ministry and sold his library. Other books came later, such as Metzger's
"The Text of the New Testament", etc.

After twenty years of "studying" Greek, I took a course taught by a local
minister who used to be a NT Greek professor at a seminary. We used
Machen's "New Testament Greek for Beginners". That gave me the courage to
buy the UBS 4th and a Parsing Guide from a local seminary. Then I decided
that I wanted exposure to "non-religious" Greek, so I took a semester of
Classical Greek at UTD (where I work.) I enjoyed it, so I took a second

Now I feel like I'm beginning to learn Greek and understand it better,
although I have a long way to go before I can sit down and read it like some
of you do.

Sometimes it's the little things that get someone started.

Paul Schmehl pauls@utdallas.edu

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