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From: One of the McKays (musicke@ozemail.com.au)
Date: Thu Nov 01 2001 - 23:44:51 EST

Carlton, can you give us an example of something you can do faster in
Accordance than in programs such as Gramcord or BibleWorks 5, please?
David McKay

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> I do not want to start any computer wars, but since Dale has joined in the
> discussion, I want to second what Carl said. If I were not a Mac user, I
> would become one so that I could use Accordance. It is an excellent tool
> the study of Greek and Hebrew. I use it constantly, even taking it to
> with a digital projector. With my powerbook it is fast enough that I can
> it in class without having to wait for the searches to take place. And I
> some of the searches in advance and save them. This is much quicker.
> As I am sure has happened at other schools, at our school an overzealous
> business manager decided we could save money if all the technology were
> same platform. So I got a notice that plans were to eliminate the use of
> on the college network. I took my powerbook and Accordance over to his
> and gave a demonstration. He found it incredible that I could not do that
> a PC. We still have our Macs with a promise by the administration that we
> will be able to continue.
> I was about to write indicating the tagging of the voice of verbs when
> answered. So, thanks Dale and those at Gramcord for a useful tool.
> Carlton Winbery
> Louisiana College

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