[b-greek] Didache

From: Keith Thompson (KAT@kneptune.demon.co.uk)
Date: Sat Nov 03 2001 - 08:51:20 EST

  I'm translating the Didache at the moment and I'm having a few
problems. This is partly because there are some errors in the text, is
there anywhere online that has a good copy? But mostly the problems I
have are with the grammar or the meanings of words. I've only translated
the 'hH hODOS THS ZWHS' part so far, and I've got quite a few questions,
but I won't ask them all at once.
  At the end of 1:4 it says EAN LABHi TIS APO SOU TO SOON, MH APAITEI,
OUDE GAR DUNASAI. (I assume SOON = SON) The problem I have is with OUDE
GAR DUNASAI. I'm not very experienced with MI conjugation verbs, would
the aorist middle imperative of DUNAMAI be DUNASAI? All I know is
sometimes MI conjugation verbs follow the W conjugation in the aorist
tense, meaning 'for neither be powerful/able'. But the GAR seems to
imply a statement is being made, 'for neither are you able', but neither
of these translations make much sense to me. What exactly does OUDE GAR
DUNASAI mean here?
APOKTENEIS. I'm not sure what EN FQORAi means, I would translate it
literally as 'You will not slay a child in corruption'. Whose is the
FQORA and what exactly does it mean? I would imagine it means 'do not
murder a child who was born deformed', is this the right idea?
  I've got a few other questions as well, I hope someone will kindly help
me out with them. I've found the people here to be very helpful, thanks
in advance for any help I receive.
Keith Thompson (Manchester, UK)
Email: keitht@kneptune.demon.co.uk
Mobile email: koff@t-motion.co.uk

Keith Thompson

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