[b-greek] Re: Acts 13:32-33 the Prophet

From: Brian Swedburg (brian@discoveryhills.org)
Date: Wed Nov 07 2001 - 03:21:23 EST

> Yes, I am aware of how most translations have interpreted it, and the main
> reason for my post is to disagree with this common notion. Both are
> grammatically possible, but I have presented my reasons for preferring one
> to the other.
> You are quite right that v. 34-37 has the topic of resurrection and for this
> Luke uses either ANESTHSEN AUTON EK NEKRWN as in v. 34 or hO QEOS HGEIREN in
> v. 37.
> V. 30-31 also has the topic of resurrection with the expression hO QEOS
> But as I have said earlier, Paul like others with a Semitic background
> naturally goes in circles, so there is no problem in seeing v. 32-33 as
> having a different topic from the resurrection. The overall topic of the
> speech is to prove from the Scriptures that Jesus was indeed the promised
> Messiah, and therefore the promise from Deut is important.
> I take 33b (Ps 2:7) to refer to the incarnation of Jesus, that is God
> sending forth or raising up for the sons of the forefathers Jesus as that
> promised Prophet.
> It is the fronted hHMIN together with the use of ANISTHMI that makes me lean
> towards the interpretation I have suggested, in view of the parallels.
> ANISTHMI is a common Greek verb and not a technical term for resurrection,
> so it needs a phrase like EK NEKRWN to take this specific sense. That phrase
> is missing in v. 33, and in addition the hHMIN is present. If hHMIN were to
> be in apposition to TOIS TEKNOIS AUTWN it should have preceded it, not
> followed it.
> Iver Larsen
> Iver and List, greetings,
    I haven't posted a question or response in so long I just had to post
something! I have only glanced at the various verses in Acts 13 today, being
as crazy busy as usual.
    So I just want to say thanks. I appreciate the question you raise, and
the potential distinctions. Just following a thread sometimes when I don't
have time to join it is a great stimulus and escape from the daily grind.

Grateful for B-Greek,
Brian Swedburg

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