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> At 2:12 PM -0500 11/8/01, William W. Combs wrote:
> >I have been trying to correct some of the frequency usage data in Mounce's
> >first-year textbook as I teach from it this year. For hOS, on page 113,
> >Mounce gives the frequency as 1,365 times. This is the same number given
> >a couple of other sources, Robert VanVoorst's Building Your New Testament
> >Greek Vocabulary (p. 21) and Warren Trenchard's The Student's Complete
> >Vocabulary Guide to the Greek New Testament. However, I suspect this
> >is low. Accordance gives the figure as 1407, and I don't know why that
> >figure should be wrong, but I notice that in Zondervan's new Greek English
> >Concordance to the New Testament, which was done with computer technology,
> >lists the figure as 1411. Any ideas?
> I got 1407 hits for all forms of the relative pronoun hOS/hH/hO in the GNT
> using Accordance.
> --
The figure 1365 comes from the Vollstandige Kondordanz edited by Alland
adjusted by omitting the occurances in the four double-bracketed passages in
the 4th UBS GNT. I suspect that you may be picking up some occurances of the
article in the masculine nom. plural or the feminine article in the nom sing.
or plural. The count in Accordance also may include the occurances in the
bracketed passages.

Carlton Winbery
Louisiana College

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