[b-greek] Fonts for Mac

From: Thomas J. Kraus (tj.kraus@gmx.de)
Date: Sat Nov 10 2001 - 04:10:10 EST

Dear B-Greekers,

recently I received my new iBook and want to do all my jobs on it now. As I
got to know that there are many Mac-users on the list out there, and that
software issues are discussed as well, allow me to ask a question refering
to fonts:

I am used to use the Greek and Hebrew fonts of Bibleworks. However, I do not
know of appropriate fonts for my Mac, with which I can easily type in long
Greek and Hebrew texts. Any suggestions? Best of all would be something that
has a similar or parallel usage of the keys for accents, breathings, letters
as the Bibleworks fonts have.
Well, I hope that you can help me here. If you know of Coptic, Syriac,
palaeo-Hebrew, and Ethiopian fonts for the Mac, please, let me know.

All the best,

Thomas J. Kraus


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