[b-greek] Gal. 4:13 hOTI DI'

From: Wayne Leman (wayne_leman@sil.org)
Date: Sun Nov 11 2001 - 23:42:50 EST

Thanks, Steven and Clay, for your additional comments. Your arguments are
strong and convincing. I, for one, never want to translate some other way
just because that alternative makes more sense to me. :-)

Thanks again,
have a good week,
Wayne Leman
Bible Translation discussion list:

> I think the above thematic idea still holds, since he did indeed have an
> infirmity when he preached to them. But taking seriously DI' + accusative
> (which I don't think the translations you sited do) gives us the
> causal idea. As I mentioned before, I think we will never know *how* his
> having an infirmity led to his preaching to them *in* his infirmity.
> --
> Steven Lo Vullo
> Madison, WI

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