[b-greek] Matt. 1:24

From: Wayne Leman (wayne_leman@sil.org)
Date: Wed Nov 14 2001 - 14:19:56 EST

> on 11/14/01 9:01 AM, Wayne Leman wrote:
> > He took his wife home.
> Hey Wayne,
> Is this a little too "dynamic" for you?

No, I just think it's not as accurate as it should be. I do think that
taking Mary to his own home is implicit, but I believe that it needs to be
clear that Joseph went ahead with the marriage, as told him in 1:20. For
myself, I would be happy with the following rendering:

"He took her home to be his wife."

> I take it you didn't go to ETS to hob knob with all the NT Scholars and
> not. Or are you posting from Colorado Springs?

I wanted to attend, but felt I could not afford the $$ nor the time away
from our own translation project. Some members of the English translation
team whose wording we are examining here is at the ETS meetings, then they
will stay awhile in Denver where they have asked me to fly to meet with them
and go over my many notes on their new translation. We will meet together
this coming Saturday.

Wayne Leman
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> greetings
> Clay

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